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The Producers

Fifi Con Tassel.png

Fifi von Tassel is an experienced producer, and the woman behind "Fifi von Tassel presents" - Norway's biggest burlesque company, with several shows a year, all over Norway.


Rikky Balboa.png

Rikky Balboa has a master degree in International Management, and works with quality management.

She is the administrative supplement to the producer team, and loves the creativity and humor of the people both on stage and back stage.

Novelty Starr.png

Novelty Starr is a diverse burlesque artist with ties to the circus and sideshow community. Her day job is working as a make-up artist on some of Norways biggest TV and movie productions.

Luna Sugarcane is an internationally experienced and prizewinning burlesque- and drag performer. In her muggle life she has a wide experience within the service industry, doing anything from hosting to opening Oslo prize winning no 1 hotel. 

Marion Massacre.png

Marion Massacre is the graphic designer of the festival. She also is a model and a gorgeous burlesque artist.

Knockout Noire.png

Phoenix D'vine is a diverse and experienced burlesque/drag artist and producer. She has a theater degree and works for equality every day, both in her burlesque and in her muggle life. 

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