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Fancy Friday - Meet our wonderful performers!

Doors: 8 PM
Show: 8.30 PM

We are proud to present our headliner - an award-winning performer known as The Honey Badger of burlesque!

We are proud to present our headliner - a producer and award-winning burlesque and fire artist!

We are proud to present our emcee, one of the most exciting and multi-skilled burlesque visionaries and creators in the world!

Her Secret Sweetnes f.png
Willow Tit f.png
Whisky A´More f.png
Sinbon Buffet f.png
Miss Spicy Ginger f.png
Lady Rivet f.png
Moira Lee Bankrupt f.png
Ginger MisDemeanour f.png
Armi von Vep f.png
Cherie Coquette f.png
Valerie Savage l.png
Sin D. Skye l.png
Ruby Tsunami l.png
Vivacious Miss Audacious l.png
Velvet Sparks l.png
Bunny Bordeaux l.png
Chase Havoc l.png
Cherry Purpur l.png
Raven Wine l.png
Fifi la Roux l.png
Ava Maiden l.png
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