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Welcome to the 3rd annual Oslo Burlesque Festival!

Welcome to Norway - the land of the vikings, super tall drag queens and frozen tassels!

Oslo Burlesque Festival (OBF) is founded by Norway's trashiest drag queen, Flora F. Ellatio; international award winning burlesque artist, Fifi von Tassel, and; sexy office rat, Rikky Balboa.

Flora F. Ellatio is Norway's first draglesque performer, and besides being a pioneer in the art of drag strip, she is also a professional dancer.

Fifi von Tassel is an experienced producer, and the woman behind "Fifi von Tassel presents" - Norway's biggest burlesque company, with several shows a year, all over Norway.

Rikky Balboa has a master degree in International Management, and works with public procurement. She enjoys this creative-administrative hybrid quite a lot. 


Together with our wonderful team, we aim to give you a great experience here at Elsker Club in Oslo!


Flora, Fifi & Rikky 


Photo: Kristian Grøhndal


Photo: Terry Mendoza

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